The company profile

The Ganir plant The Ganir plant is jointly owned by the two Kibbutzim, Gat and Beit Nir. It is located in the southern part of Israel, close to Israel's "citrus belt", and where new citrus tree planting is planned for the future.

Ganir's main activity is based on goods produced from the different types of citrus fruits found in Israel. In addition, the company deals with a variety of other products, based on a variety of other types of fruits.

Ganir processes between 60-80 thousand tons of fruit annually, and has around 120 employees, working three shifts.

Modernly equipped  laboratoryThe production process is closely controlled by the plant's modernly equipped laboratory and quality control staff, including food technologists, engineers, and other highly experienced and trained personnel. Ganir has ISO 9002 certification.

Our wide variety of products includes concentrates, juices, cells, etheric oils, bases for production of nectars, soft drinks, bases for carbonated beverages, clarified concentrates, etc. The different types of products and flavours include orange, grapefruit (white and red) "sweety" , lemon, tangerine, pineapple, peach, apricot, mango, apple, as well as tropical cocktails and different types of exotic fruits.

In addition, clients can rely on of our experienced development staff, who are well trained in adapting products to specific demands, as well as developing new, custom made products.

The plant is capable of meeting the clients specifications, due to its highly developed packaging and treating facilities, offering:

  1. Industrial size packaging in drums of 200 liters, aseptic packed or preserved, and/or frozen.
  2. Medium size packaging in cartons of 10-30 kg., aseptic, preserved or frozen.
  3. One litre, 330 ml, & 250 ml aseptic cartons of ready to drink beverages, or concentrates for dispensers, hotels, and caterers.
  4. Freshly squeezed products (e.g. orange, grapefruit, apple and strawberry juice) packed in 1/2 and 1 litre "PURE-PAK" cartons, and in plastic bottles of 330ml, 1/2 liter and 1 liter. These are the newest products in our line, and have already achieved a leading position on the local market.
Ganir products are sold on the local market under the label, in several types of cartons and plastic bottles, refrigerated or aseptic packed.

In addition to the above, Ganir offers its clients (particularly for new producers) technical and technological consulting to obtain optimum results from products.

New production and packaging facilitiesGanir's extensive investment program includes new production and packaging facilities, and infrastructure development, including on site cold storage for several thousand tons.

In conclusion, Ganir presently exports to Western European countries including England, France, and Germany, to Eastern Europe including Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, former Soviet Republics, and to Far Eastern countries including Japan and Taiwan.

Ganir's management and production staff make a continuous effort to improve our products and customer service, and to enlarge the export market.

GANIR (1992) LTD.
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