Packaging Groups

Industrial Size

Drums of 200 litres
The plant is capable of meeting the client's specifications, due to its highly developed packaging and treating facilities, offering:

Industrial size packaging in drums of 200 litres, aseptic packed or preserved, and/or frozen.

Medium Size

Cartons or plastic containers of 
      10-30 kg.
Medium sized packaging in cartons or plastic containers of 10-30 kg., aseptic,preserved or frozen.

Aseptic Cartons

One litre aseptic "Combi-bloc" cartons for ready to drink beverages, or for concentrates for dispensers, hotels, and caterers.

One litre aseptic cartons One litre aseptic cartons One litre aseptic cartons

Chilled Products

Freshly squeezed products (e.g. orange, grapefruit, lemon, strawberry, strawberry&banana, strawberry&orange and apple juice) packed in 1/2 and 1 litre "PURE-PAK" cartons. This is the newest product in our line, and has already achieved the leading position on the local market for this kind of product.

Freshly  squeezed Lemon Juice Freshly  squeezed Orange Juice Freshly  squeezed  strawberry&banana Juice

On the local market, Ganir products are sold under the "PRI-MOR" label, in several types of cartons, refrigerated or aseptic packed. In addition to the above, Ganir offers its clients (particularly for new producers) technical and technological consulting to obtain optimum results from its products. Ganir's extensive investment program includes new production and packaging facilities, and infrastructure development, including on site cold storage for several thousand tons.

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